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Autumn wind, singing a beautiful song to the field 2018-10-12
Autumn wind with the melody of time, with the sweet osmanthus, apple fragrance, chrysanthemum brilliant, morning glories, a series of red gorgeous, th ...
So proud 2018-10-12
Students often ask me, "who do you like best, with all these old sages?" If I ask more questions, I can think no more: "tao yuanming, li taibai, su do ...
Smile in the sun, run in the rain 2018-09-11
No matter what the day is good or bad, don't ask the fate, don't complain about the sky, don't complain about the ground, don't blame people, don't bl ...
The years are long, and the water is still 2018-09-11
Time like water clear away, life like play left silent. Along the way, how to choose? How to chase? Spring breeze blowing green plantain, passing wate ...
Hepatobiliary 2018-08-15
Last winter, I went to a classmate's son's wedding and met a classmate at the banquet. We had a good time talking together, and we had a deep hatred f ...
Life is easy when you are calm 2018-08-15
The city is developing rapidly in the process of social change. The car horn sounds everywhere, the people who are in a hurry to get to the road are i ...


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