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WADA launch new privacy and information protection resources 2019-02-28
  Two new assets aimed at boosting recognition of privateness and information safety are released by the Globe Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).   The ...
Causeway Bay could possibly be probably the most exhilarating procuring space 2019-01-31
  As the second priciest retail avenue on the globe last year (plus the priciest the 12 months prior to), quite a few regional stores have shut or ...
rely on paperwork 2018-11-02
  Unique tags will be electronically generated from various mining cities which will act as an online record tracing the minerals from the dirt t ...
invested 5 billion yuan in the global recruitment 2018-04-18
After a year, after the study of Beijing Zhongguancun, Shanghai Zhangjiang, Shanghai and other 11 high-tech zones and Shenzhen city policies, from ...
Attracting overseas talents 2017-03-20
   is a common practice in most of the countries in the world. It is also a shortcut to improve the level of science and technology in a relati ...


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